Turn Aside studies are written to help readers approach the Bible in a new way; whetting their appetite for more of God's Word. As you dig in and begin to apply the questions we've provided to the specific study, we hope this method will stick and help you begin to develop your own questions. Our intent is to equip readers so that they might glean from the Word - without a pre-defined study.

Turn Aside studies are divided into 20-30 minute studies that help to strengthen your soul and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - through the discoveries you've made on your own.
Did you know Turn Aside has a podcast? The Turn Aside Team covers content from the weekly studies, delving deeper into some questions, and sharing how their lives have been impacted by the truth of God's Word through the study.  Listen to the Turn Aside podcast here.

Current Study Series:

We will consider the faithfulness of a God who goes before us, calling us to follow after Him and enter into the fullness of what He has for each of us. We will be confronted with themes of fear, complaining, doubt and pride, but we will also see that our God will accomplish His purpose, and following after Him is the most glorious way to live
God has not stopped calling from His Word, and He asks us to daily step off the usual path and be with Him.