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John 6: Abundant Food for Eternal Life
When Jesus miraculously fed the five-thousand He allowed people to eat until they were completely full. But then He said He didn’t come to fill our bellies, but to satisfy our souls. 
Matthew 5-7: God's Upside Down Kingdom
The Sermon on the Mount contrasts the Kingdom that Jesus established and the kingdoms of this world. This study causes us to face the hard sayings of Jesus and consider whose Kingdom you're living for.

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Romans 8: Two Ways to Live
We can often feel condemned by our sins - the things we are ashamed of, or consumed by - yet, in Christ there is now no condemnation and we can live, confident and boldly, in the light of that truth. 
Second Peter: A Light that Shines in a Dark Place
If you don't want to fall for a lie, stand on the Truth. Two thousand years ago the Apostle Peter noticed Christians were being influenced by the lies of false teachers and he warns them, and us, to cling to the Truth and be the light in a dark place.
James - Roots and their Fruits
Practical, everyday Christianity.
The book of James shows us how the roots of the gospel should bear fruit demonstrating our salvation. 
1, 2, 3 John - Love and Truth
Christians are called to both love and truth. But, love without truth becomes squishy and indulgent, and truth without love becomes sharp and cutting. On their own, each is dangerous. Bind them together though and you find the unchanging character of God: perfect love mixed with absolute truth. 
Colossians - His Fullness our Fulfillment
You don't need to add anything to Christ, and you can't take anything away from Him. There is fullness in Christ that cannot be found anywhere else.