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Deuteronomy: Written for Our Admonition
Mercy. Faithfulness. Abundant gifts. Deuteronomy captures the history of God’s constant faithfulness and declares His love and blessings for those who obediently follow Him. 
Joseph: God's Power and Presence on Display
We all love rags to riches stories - because they happened to someone else. Joseph was betrayed, sold into slavery, served ungodly men, falsely accused and imprisoned, and yet with every difficulty we discover that God was with him and that made all the difference. 
Elijah and Elisha: Vessels of Mercy
Mercy. Abundant mercy. This is what we find on display in the lives of Elijah and Elisha. God used these prophets to speak difficult truths to ‘important’ people and bring healing to ‘insignificant’ others, reminding Israel of His covenant with the nation and His desire to be their only God. 
Daniel 1-6: Living for God's Everlasting Kingdom
The book of Daniel shows us what living for God’s eternal kingdom looks like. Daniel reminds us that there is a God who remains enthroned in Heaven, who will never be unseated by the powers of this world, and who is able to keep those who trust in Him no matter their current circumstances.