How did this all come about?  I believe to the very last fiber of my being that the Word of God is the most beautiful, most amazing, most satisfying and glorious pursuit that ANYONE can have. Turn Aside Bible studies are purposefully formatted to take the author out of it and simply ask questions that, hopefully, make you dig and discover for yourself. It’s God’s Word. It’s about HIM, let’s get back to that. 

Turn Aside was born out of a desire to encourage women in the Word, to dig into the Bible and make discoveries for themselves.  We began writing studies after pouring over websites to try and find what we were desiring for the women of The City Gates Church.  And then another church found out about them and asked if they could use it.  All of a sudden we found ourselves publishing Bible studies and continuing to write more.  But there are many studies available, why did we add more to the mix?  Some studies, and these make me a little crazy, have questions that come more from the author’s commentary or DVD teaching than from the actual Word of God. Some are organized around a specific topic, but not whole sections of Scripture. Some are best suited for a home group and still others require an incredible amount of study and preparation each week. Our desires it to help women understand a book of the Bible in context and learn to glean from it themselves.

The blog is simply truths that I am chewing on and writing down.  I find that one of the best ways to keep my heart and mind on things of the Lord is to actively be memorizing or chewing on a verse or an attribute of God.  These blog posts are meant to encourage you in TRUTH. There’s too much muddied kind of truths out there that mix the Word of God with man’s philosophy or feelings, and I hope to offer you a safe place where you KNOW that what you read springs from the Bible, gets worked out in the nitty gritty of life and comes right back to the Bible.

The goal at Turn Aside is to work ourselves out of even being necessary.  We hope that the way these studies are written begins to whet the appetite of our readers and make them approach the Bible in a new way.  As they dig into the Word and begin to ask the questions we have written, we hope it will stick and help them begin to come up with questions. Gasp!….they might not even need a study to enable them to glean from the Word.  🙂