Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian. And he led the flock to the back of the desert, and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. 2. And the Angel of the LORD appeared to him in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush. So he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, but the bush was not consumed. 3. Then Moses said, “I will now turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush does not burn.”

4. So when the LORD saw that he turned aside to look, God called to him from the midst of the bush and said, “Moses, Moses!”

5. And he said, “Here I am.” Then He said, “Do not draw near this place. Take your sandals off your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground.” 6. Moreover He said, “I am the God of your father—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” And Moses hid his face, for he was afraid to look upon God.

Exodus 3:1-6

Moses saw something, he knew this area and knew what normal looked like.  Yes, he saw something strange but he still had to make a choice. A choice to turn aside from his daily usual life and take in this sight- why the burning bush was not consumed.

We daily have the same choice to make.  The God who made the heavens and the earth, who breathed into man the breath of life, making him a living being, who worked miracle after miracle throughout His Word calls out.  

Will you turn aside?

If you are familiar with the story of Moses, you know that by this one act of turning aside to take in this sight radically changed him.  Forever.

Are you like the Moses we meet in verse 1?  Going about the everyday, just concerned with your responsibilities, your physical needs and desires?  God has not stopped calling from His Word, asking you to step off the usual path and be with Him.  

As with Moses, He knows your name.

As with Moses, He longs to commune with you.

As with Moses, He has made Himself accessible.

Will you be like Moses? 

Will you turn aside?