Well Done Part 1

Well Done Part 1


I would not be the first to talk about vision and how the constant reminder of the actual numbers this year holds should motivate us.  So I will roll with it.  🙂

Vision.  Spiritually, how is your vision?  What shapes your vision?  What do you put before your vision and keep there?  

There is nothing more focusing for my vision than a simple line that occurs a few times in a parable Jesus told. In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus told the Parable of the Talents. In this parable, He speaks of servants who were given financial investments.  They were told to wisely use the funds and give an account to their master.  The parable also tells us that they were given the resources based on what their master determined they could handle, based on his knowledge of them.  Two of the three of them invested well and doubled their master’s initial investment.   However, the third man wasn’t given much, and didn’t think he could do much with what he was given, so he didn’t do anything with the money.  He buried it. 

When the master returned and asked for an accounting of his investment, the two who had wisely used the funds gave an account and were told, “Well done good and faithful servant.”  

Well done.  

Will those be the words that come out of the mouth of your Savior when you stand before Him in eternity? Because if that is your desire then it should absolutely shape how today is lived and the decisions we make NOW.  Sadly, many of us know that we’ve been living for something or someone else.  We’ve given someone else the right to speak those words to us, and that has shaped the decisions made today.  

What are other things that we can easily begin to live for?

Our friends,

Our churches,

Our checkbooks or portfolios,

Our jobs,

Our family,

Our accomplishments,

Our college degrees,

Our homes,

Our cars,

Our bodies and what we do and don’t eat, or how much we workout,

Our social media profiles.

(There are many more that could be on this list, so maybe this is a list that reflects my issues?) 

We will ALL stand before the Lord.  We have ALL been entrusted with certain gifts and abilities and we will ALL give an account for them.  So what have you being entrusted with?  Are you being faithful?  Hearing well done comes from a life that is concerned with the Lord’s desires and His voice above all others.  Let’s live like that today.  

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