Seasons: Summer

Seasons: Summer

Pool days, relaxation, sand and beaches, tending the garden, mosquitos, vacations, fireflies, dew, swim meets-so many wonderfully specific memories go hand in hand with the season of Summer.  Of course, there are a few summer grinches out there who don’t like the heat. Well, be thankful then for AC!  🙂  I am grateful for the change in pace from the madness of the school year to a calmer routine. However, Summer does hold some lessons for us to consider.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  James 4:8

During the Summer our Northern Hemisphere is closer to the sun, and the effects of that are felt. Those effects cause a change in how we live.  We wear clothing that doesn’t cover as much of our bodies, we put on sunscreen so that we can protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun, and we are affected by our nearness to the sun, our time with the Lord should have the same outward affect on us.  We should be different because of our nearness to God.  Our choices should seem odd to others who do not know the Lord.  

A few years back my husband and I met a missionary whose family was serving in Southeast Asia.  He had a saying, “If you’ve been hit by a truck, your life should look like it’s been hit by a truck. You should walk with a limp, or be changed in some way.”  We have stolen that saying and now freely use it.  If I am truly a follower of Christ then it should be evident to all.  

Summer is a time when we tend to gardens that are already sown in the Spring.  The hard work of soil preparation and planting has already occurred, so there is a sense of ease that comes with the summer and an enjoyment of bringing in the fruit of your labor.

In life there are many things that will require a long effort in the beginning as you lay a foundation, but often the task becomes easier as you become familiar with what you’re working so hard on learning.  Being disciplined with the Spiritual Disciplines and tending to those efforts should be continued until the fruit of your labors is seen.  Bearing fruit is the natural part of planting a garden, so discipline yourself for the required labor at the beginning and then continue the tending.  Enjoying the fruit is a sweet gift from the Lord. Enjoy it!  

Finally, Summer is a time for a much needed break.  God’s Word portrays a God who rested on the Seventh Day of creation.  He then went on to command a Sabbath rest for His chosen people, the Jews.

Later, in the book of Hebrews, we see that Jesus fulfills that rest and has become that rest that our spirit so desperately needs.  No more striving for perfection, but resting in His finished work.  

Do you realize what a gift that rest is?  Do you stop and allow own tired and weary soul to rest?  Rest. It is a gift from the God who is intimately acquainted with all your ways.  Rest shows your faith in His provision and ways that are higher than your own.  


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