Seasons: Fall

Seasons: Fall

God’s Word declares Him as the Great Creator.  He is the one who spoke everything into existence.  As part of His creation, He gave us seasons (Genesis 1:14).  These show us His continued involvement in His creation.  We are entering into Fall, my most favoritest season of all.  In fact, when we moved from Northern VA to Palm Desert, CA one of the hardest adjustments for me was that there was no Fall. No trees changed color, there was no chill in the air at night and in the morning, and there was no difference in the landscape of the city because there was no change in seasons. It was a hard adjustment for me, because I loved the seasons that Virginia offered.   

One of the best gifts I have ever received from my husband came in a small, very light box that he sent during training on the East Coast.  I carefully opened the box and the contents brought joy to my heart and a huge smile to my face. Inside were red, yellow, orange, burgundy leaves, gorgeous leaves from different trees. I was at a loss for words. I spread those leaves out, all our living room coffee table and just sat silently thanking God for the gift of the husband He had given me.  He knew me well enough to go through the difficulty of collecting the leaves as he was out and about during his training, showing that he was always thinking about me and looking for ways to bless me.  (Ladies, he’s very taken. 🙂 

So, back to seasons.  God’s Word uses nature to help paint pictures for us.  Jesus often uses pictures of nature in the parables He told.  In thinking about Fall, I have taken a look at the deeper pictures that we can glean from the nature God has blessed us with. In my beautiful state of Virginia, from my porch I take in over 100 trees that are all changing color as I type this.  Recently the Lord has shown me that these deciduous trees demonstrate their health by going through the seasons that their Creator has given them.

So too with us, we know that it is healthy for us to go through times that are flourishing as well as times where we feel barren. Current leaves must be removed. The tree cannot continue to stay alive as well as keep its leaves alive during the winter season. If those leaves are not shed and they will not be space for new life in the Spring. It’s a blessing that the Lord gives us beauty as those signs of life- the vibrant Fall colors are on display for all to see and appreciate. It is another common grace that our Good Father gives everyone.

Another part of Fall is the adjustment to cooler weather. As our earth rotates on its axis and North America is farther away from the sun we begin to feel that distance. There is a good lesson in that. May we always feel the distance and the chill when we start to turn away from the Lord.  If our schedule becomes too full and we are not able to press into Him as we should, may we know that chill.  What a mercy of God to allow us to feel the distance, so that we would turn back to Him- draw near to God and He will draw near to you (James 4:8).  

For those who are not gardeners the best time to plant bulbs and to soak grass seed is during the Fall. That doesn’t seem to make sense to us who just like to put something in the ground and see it immediately bear fruit, but many plants need time to germinate. 

We need to realize that fruit takes time. You must faithfully sow the seed but often that harvest is not seen until almost 6 months later.  Not many people are willing to do this though. In our microwave society, we are often guaranteed instant results and many Christians step off the path of sanctification because the work is too hard. Some fruit just takes time, and we need to allow the God who is intimately acquainted with all our ways to determine when Spring will come and the fruit will be visible in our lives.

So what can we do while we are enduring the seasons?  First of all, realize that seasons are healthy. They are a sign of LIFE.  So stop bemoaning them.  Instead, ask the Lord to open your eyes to the beauty that can only be known during this time.  Don’t get caught up in comparing this season with a different one.  The Creator has brought this season into your life, so appreciate it and realize that it will eventually come to an end, and that He is making you into the person that can bear much fruit and bring much glory to His name.  

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